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 2 Player Monster Upright Arcade 27"-32"

Upright Arcades are the ultimate show piece for any Game Room. This unit supports over 30,000 different arcade/console titles, and supports over 1000+ Pinball Tables. You can even add your own PC games and music! A great all-in-one solution for any game room.


  • New C-N-C Arcade Cabinet made from ¾-inch Thermal Laminated Birch (not MDF of Particle Board)
  • 27"- Or 32"-inch LCD Monitor
  • Custom-built 2-Player Control Panel
  • Pick your own art theme or create your own.  (Art Packages Here)
  • U-Trak 3-inch Trackball with flush mount (pick your color)
  • Pinball Flipper Buttons on Control Panel
  • Pick the type of Joysticks (HAPP, Sanwa, Seimitsu, IL, or your specs)
  • Pick the type of buttons 
  • Pick the colors of your Buttons, Joysticks, & Trackball
  • Tempered glass for Monitor Cover ​
  • T-molding (Pick from a wide variety of colors)
  • I-Pac Encoder for perfect gameplay

  • New computer built by Monster Arcades ​ 

  • ​Windows version of your choice (7,  or 10 licensed with disks and paperwork)
  • 2.1 Sound System with powered sub-woofer  (Upgrade Available)
  • Frontend software Setup for MAME & Console Emulation


                                  27"     Base Price:   $2599  Plus Shipping  

                                  32"     Base Price:   $2799  Plus Shipping  

Please contact us for all build orders. The choices can be overwhelming with all of the options

you can have on your custom build, so don't hesitate to email or call! We can help you with

your options and give insight from our years of building custom machines.

​​​​​Upgradeable Options:

  • 4-Player Panel
  • LED Control Board
  • Spinner Dial
  • Light Guns
  • Upgraded PC Hardware to customer specs

2-Player MAME Cabinet
2-Player Arcade Cabinet
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