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Retro Arcade 

  The Retro Arcade I is based off of the popular 80's cabinet design. It features a vertical mounted screen for all of the classic game titles. It will also play horizontal game titles as well as Digital Pinball titles. 
Ms Pacman Arcade Cabinet


*New C-N-C Arcade Cabinet
*19 inch Vertical LCD
*New Happ Joysticks and Buttons 3 or 6  (Pick your colors)

* ¼ InchTempered Glass for Monitor Cover
*Black Thermal Laminated Birch
*Pick Your T-molding ( 8 Colors to pick from )
*New Computer built by Monster Arcades

*Windows of your Choice (XP, Vista, 7, licensed with Disks and Paper Work)
*Integrated Front End for Mame/Console gaming, as well as Jukebox, and Karaoke.
*Custom art Package (CPO, Marquee, Bezel, Sideart, Kickplate)
*I-Pac encoder 
*Happ Style False Coin Door with Lock & Keys
(adds to the True Arcade Look, but not functional)
*Integrated Sound System with volume control
* Built in Surge protector

                        (NO GAMES/ROMS, ARE INCLUDED)




                                                    Base Price:  $1999  Plus Shipping


     Please contact us for all build orders!






Dimensions :

24 1/2"  Wide

33"         Deep

68"         Tall

150 LBS.      (Weight can Vary with Options)






Upgradeable Options:


​​​​​* Functioning Coin Door

* Trackball

* LED Control Board

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