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Cocktail Arcade Table

Mame Cocktail Tables are the ultimate show piece for any Game Room. This unit supports over 3000+ different Arcade titles and supports over 1000+ Pinball Tables. You can even use these units as a Jukebox. Just add your personal MP3 library. This is our most popular item at Monster Arcades. This Table will last years beyond the competition. We only use the highest quality materials in the construction of all of products. And you pick all of your components from the ground up, so you get exactly what you want.


*New C-N-C Arcade Cabinet Made from ¾ inch Oak or Birch (not MDF or Fiberboard)
*19 inch LCD
*Custom Built 2 Player Control Panel One on each side with the Theme of your choice
*New Happ Joysticks and Buttons 3 or 6 per player (Pick your colors)
*Side Pinball Buttons on Player 1 great for Visual Pinball or Future Pinball
*Control Panel OverLay (Pick your Art)
*Top Bezel Cover Art  (Pick your Art)

* ¼ InchTempered Glass for Monitor Cover with Retainer Clips
*Black High Gloss Finish, other colors & stains optional
*T-molding (pick from over 10 different colors)
*Piano Hinge for easy access to your system
*New Computer built by Monster Arcades  (See Spec's Link)
*Windows of your Choice (XP, Vista, 7, licensed with Disks and Paper Work)
*Integrated Front End for Mame, and Jukebox. 

*I-Pac encoder
*Happ Style False Coin Door with Lock & Keys (adds to the True Arcade Look, but not functional)
*2.1 Sound System with volume control
* Built in Surge protector

                                                         Base Price:    $1699    Plus Shipping

Please contact us for all build orders!


Dimensions :

40 1/2"         Wide

23 1/2"         Deep  

29"                 Tall       (Height can be adjusted)

115 LBS.      (Weight can Vary with Options)

Upgradeable Options:


*22 Inch LCD

*27 Inch LCD
*Special Arcade LCD's (LINK)

*Digital Pinball Package

*Spinner Dial
*LED Buttons
*LED Trackball
*LED Control Board
*Functioning Coin Door
*Stain and Clear Coat Seal

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