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Fighter Panel Kit

X Arcade
MAME Emulator
Thermal Laminated Birch
  • New C-N-C Arcade Panel Made from ¾" Birch or Upgraded Thermal Laminated Birch (not MDF or Melamine)
  • Can Be Painted, Stained, or even Graphic Wrapped
  • 2 Player Control Panel (With 2 different layouts available)
  • Piano Hinge Control Panel for Flip Top access in Panel
  • Pre-Slotted edges for T-molding
  • Adobe Photoshop Templates for Control Panel

Overall Dimensions: 11.5" Deep X 24" Wide X 4.5" Tall

Ships Within 5-7 Days

We have 2 different panel layouts to choose from when ordering your kit. Panel A is great for modern PC fighting games. Panel B is great for Raspberry Pi and Jamma Configurations.

We offer these kits in two different materials, Birch and Thermal Laminated Birch. Our Birch is a furniture grade material with a veneer on both sides. The Birch can be stained, painted, or wrapped with graphics. Birch is a much more durable material than Melamine of MDF, which most arcade cabinets are made of due to cost.

While Melamine does have a nice black finish, it splits, cracks, and swells easily; this is where our Thermal Laminated Birch is a far superior alternative. 

Thermal Laminated Birch has a Birch core (unlike the particle-board core of Melamine), so it is very strong and durable. It has a laminate that with a nice black smooth finish, lending durability to the surface of the material as well. This option is great if you want a pre-finished cab that does not need graphics. But if you wish to add graphics, the smooth finish makes it very easy: just clean the surface of any debris and apply the art. All of our full builds use this material.

 Which one is better for your needs:
Birch or Thermal Laminated Birch?
DIY Kit Birch $125

The DIY Birch Kit comes with the fully assembled panel only.  

Thermal Laminate Kit $149


Thermal laminated Birch is a premium material that has a nice smooth black finish that is ready for art to directly be applied to the surface. 

***The base of the control panels are birch that has been painted black***

Deluxe Kit Upgrade $79

Deluxe Kits come with everything you need to finish your panel minus paint and art overlay.

The Deluxe Kits include:

  • 22 Buttons  (Pick from LED , Chrome LED, or HAPP; Choose your color)

  • 2 Joysticks (Pick from HAPP, or Zippyy; Choose your color)

  • 3 Encoder Options to choose from (I-Pac 2 options include Wire Leads & Daisy Grounds)

  • 10 Foot Roll of T-molding (Pick your color)

  • 2 30x.250 Daisy chains for LED Button option

  • 4-6 LED inserts for LED button option


Kits are bundled for combined savings. Please include all color selections along with type in the ordering

form box when adding to your cart. 

Art Prints $29

We use an adhesive backed print for easy install. We also use a heavy-duty 5mm laminate over all of our prints; this is thicker and tougher than most print shops use. Not only will it apply easier than other prints, it will also last a lot longer. If you don't see an art package you like, you can even design your own and upload us your files to print. We also have third-party art designers we can refer you to, all of whom have a history of working with our products. 

Art installation is only available with the thermal laminate birch kits. We install your prints onto the cabinet along with the T-molding. This is the closest you can take a kit to a finished level without buying a finished machine. 


Art installation adds 1 to 2 week lead time to your order. Normally ships in 2 to 3 weeks.

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