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Jukebox Arcade

Our touchscreen jukebox's are custom built for each customer. So you can add or upgrade any of the components or hardware. They all come standard with Zenpoint for the amazing navigational frontend.  We can use other software's on request. You also get to make the jukebox he way you want them. You can have it stained and cover with a lacquer finish, or you can have it with a custom graphic wrap. We can even add custom LED lighting that reacts to the music you are playing. 


 And with all of our jukebox's you get more than just a music player. With Zenpoint you also get to use the Jukebox as a Karaoke machine, Music Video Player, Touchscreen Games, and more. So you really add value to your gameroom. 


 When you are ready to add a custom Jukebox to your gameroom or mancave feel free to give us a call to price out your custom build 


Please contact us for information and pricing.

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