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Pedestal Arcade

Pedestal Arcades are the ultimate show piece for any Game Room. This unit supports over 15000+ different Arcade/console titles and supports over 1000+ Pinball Tables. Pedestal units are the newest style meant to be used with a larger       LCD Screen than traditional arcade machines.

You can even use these units as a Jukebox & Karaoke machine . Just add your personal MP3 library. The
Pedestal Arcade is a Monster Arcades Design.

We only use the highest quality materials in the construction of all of products.


* New  C-N-C Arcade Cabinet  Made from ¾ inch Birch (not MDF of plywood)
* Custom Built 2 Player Control Panel with the Theme of your Choose
* Happ 3 inch Trackball with flush mount (pick your color)
* Happ 8 way Joysticks
* Pick the Colors of your Buttons, Joysticks, & Trackball
* Control Panel OverLay (Pick Your Art)
​​​​​* Side Art Wrap  (Pick Your Art)
* Kick Plate Art (Pick Your Art)
* T-molding (Pick from over 10 colors)

* Happ Style False Coin Door with Lock & Keys (adds to the True Arcade Look, but not functional)

​​​* I-Pac Encoder for Perfect Game-play
* Black High Gloss Finish, other colors optional
* New Computer built by Monster Arcades  (See Spec's Link)
* Windows of your Choice (XP, Vista, 7, licensed with Disks and Paper Work)
* Storage Compartment for PC
* Frontend software Setup for Mame & Console Emulation


​                                            Base Price:  $1799  Plus Shipping


Please contact us for all build orders!

































Dimensions :
(Pedestal only dimensions)

34"                 Wide (2 player Unit)

48"                 Wide (4 Player Unit)

30"                 Deep

37"                 Tall

110 LBS.      (Weight can Vary with Options)

Upgradeable Options:

* Quad Unit (4 players)
* Arcade Spinner Dial
* LCD Stand

* Functioning Coin Door

* LED Buttons

* LED Trackball

* LED Control Board

* Speakers

* Light Guns

* LCD/LED/Plasma Monitor up to 65 inch

* Joysticks

* Stain & Clear Coat


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