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* New C-N-C Cut Control Panel Made from ¾ inch Birch 
(not MDF or Fiberboard)
* 4 Player Panel
* 3" Trackball Cutout (U-Trak Trackball)
* 5th Joystick Cutout for Dedicated 4 Way or Specialty Joystick use.
* Spinner Dial Cutout (Button can be used in its palce)
* Can Be Painted, Stained, or even Graphic Wrapped
* Piano Hinge for easy access
* Pre-Slotted edges for T-molding
* Fully Assembled
* Pinball Button Cutouts available by request
* Adobe Photoshop Templates for Control Panel Art Design

***Deluxe Panel Kits come with everything you need to finish your panel minus paint and art overlay. The Deluxe Kits come with 35 Buttons, 5 Joysticks, 2X Encoders,U-Trak 3" USB Trackball, 12 feet of T-molding, and 3X Daisy chains for LED Buttons. When you place a order for a deluxe panel please let us know in the box below what type of Joysticks, (HAPP or Zippyy, and the color)along with the type of Buttons you would like(LED, Chrome LED, or HAPP and the color) Along with the color of T-molding and Trackball. Kits Are bundle priced and ship combine for maximum savings***

Dimensions: 21 Deep X 48 Wide X 5 1/2 Tall

Ships Within 3 Days

***For Deluxe Kits Please Enter Your Buttons, Joystick, Trackball, and T-molding selection in box below***

4 Player Control Panel Kit

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