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The Zippyy classic style joystick is a great choice for a versatile, durable joystick.  Easily adjustable between 2, 4, and 8 way. You can play the classics or the fighting games by simply shifting a plate on the bottom of the joystick. We have used these in our turnkey systems and we highly recommend them for people wanting a different look and feel offered by or HAPP competition line of Joysticks.    

The design of these joysticks is identical to the Seimitsu in sizing, there are a few parts made of different materials, ironically, the Zippyy has metal in many places the Seimitsu has plastic. The longer joystick handle is fine on metal panels, but also allows for wooden under mounting.

This is just a great all around work horse joystick, that can be adapted to perfectly suit games you want to play. This is a great joystick for MAME and Jamma configurations. And you can change the color of the balltops with any 6mm threaded top.

Bubble Top Zippyy Joysticks

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