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Virtual Pinball Kit

Virtual Pinball Arcade Kit
  • New C-N-C Arcade Cabinet Made from ¾" Birch
  • Fully Assembled
  • Can Be Painted, Stained, or even Graphic Wrapped
  • Fit Up To a 40 inch Screen for Playfield 
  • Fit Up To a 32 inch Screen for Translite
  • 4 Different DMD Panel cutout options
  • VESA Monitor Mounting System  (Will need machine screws depending on your screen)
  • Piano Hinge Access Panel for System (Back of the cabinet)
  • Speaker Cutouts for 2 X 5.25" and 8" Subwoofer  
  • Mesh Metal Speaker Covers (Black)
  • Coin Door Cutout 
  • Plunger Cutout (Williams Style)
  • Williams Leg Brackets installed (Brackets only; not the actual legs)
  • 4x 120 MM Cooling Fans Cutouts 
  • Pre-Slotted edges for T-molding for Backbox
  • Adobe Photoshop Templates for Control Panel, Side Art, Coin Front, And Backbox Sides

Dimensions: 47" Deep X 22" Wide X 75" Tall 
    ***This is with Legs Attached***

Ships Within 5-7 Days

We have 4 different DMD panel layouts to choose from when ordering your kit. 

Pinball DIY Kit $599

The Pinball DIY Kit comes with the fully assembled cabinet only.  

Tempered Glass $60

This is a 2 PC Glass set of 1/4" Tempered Glass for the Playfield & Translite

Art Prints $149

Art Prints include a 5 piece art set to wrap your cabinet. We use an adhesive backed print for easy install. We also use a heavy-duty 5mm laminate over all of our prints; this is thicker and tougher than most print shops use. Not only will it apply easier than other prints, it will also last a lot longer. If you don't see an art package you like, you can even design your own and upload us your files to print. We also have third-party art designers we can refer you to, all of whom have a history of working with our products. 

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