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Xin MO USB Joystick Enocoder

No more cutting/stripping/crimping!

This small, simple controller comes with a 6-foot long usb connection so you can use this encoder right on your control panel. You don't have to mess with little screws to tighten on wires; these come with .187 fittings already installed on a plug-in harness.  The harness is broken in to 4 wire groups, so you can install a joystick and 6 buttons without having wires hanging everywhere!


This simple controller is recognized by Windows as a plug and play controller with 30 inputs: 2 Joysticks with 4 each (1 for each direction) and 22 buttons. If you are building a Quad Panel (4-Player), simply use 2 Xin Mo Encoders! Windows will recognize them as 4 different joysticks with 44 different buttons.



  • 6 foot USB cable

  • 7 x 4 connector wires for control signal

  • 1 x 2 connector wire for control signal

  • 2 x 16 connector ground daisy chains (that's 2 extra connections for ground)

  • Diagram of the pinout



  • USB ‘B’ jack for connecting any standard USB cable

  • Works on PC, & PS3

  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98

  • Support PS3 Home Button

  • Support Turbo Button

  • Support LED display the button turbo status

  • Support DP/LS/RS Switch

  • Support LOCK/UNLOCK

  • No soldering required​​

PRICE                          $24.95    

                                                                              (You Can Adjust Quantities in the cart)   


For Quad Panels (4 Player) Use 2X Xin MO boards Windows will recognize it as 4 joyticks

PC Wiring Diagram































Xin-Mo Arcade Encoder
Xin-Mo wiring Diagram
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